sprinkles and such

A good set of box jumps and kettlebell hoopla, inspired again by Corrie Anne. Accompanied by 1 mile on the lonely treadmill, 3 more in this bliss! The sun was hiding a bit more today after a strong shine yesterday, but that’s okay. It’s Wednesday. Who doesn’t feel a bit overcast?

Apparently Daniela doesn’t! I ran right into my dear roommate at the end of my run. Look at that smile!

Mine was probably bigger, though, last night…when Anthony and I shared this monstrosity:

Sprinkles don’t really taste like anything. They just look so pretty I have to get them to satisfy my inner artist.

Anthony and I consider ourselves somewhat of experts when it comes to the frozen yogurt scene in DC. Last year when we gave up alcohol for lent, we ate A LOT of froyo. (Ironically, this year we gave up sweets and thus ate a lot of alcohol. hmm.). Anyways, our ranking from best tasting to worst tasting would be:

1. PinkBerry

2. Mr. Yogato

3. FrozenYo

4. CaliYogurt

5. Tasti D Lite

This lineup is also almost accurate in terms of most to least expensive. Ha. Except for CaliYogurt; their stuff isn’t very good AND is overpriced! But the little mom and pop who run it are nice so I go there anyways. Actually I go anywhere. You could call me a frozen yogurt tramp.

Even more classy:

Back to more commercial chemical delights, I also ran by this today and think it’s time for some DD coffee. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Go buy yourself a goodie to brighten your Wednesday!



  1. Ha!! I can’t wait to get back to my box jump and kettlebell hoopla tonight. It’s going to KILL after a week off and less than stellar eating. Fro yo ranking is important. Yogurtini is my clear fave around here!!

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