watch it

The day started with a nice 6 miles.

With my new friend.

6.37, to be exact.

I’m reserving comments on my Garmin (which does not have a name yet) until I get used to running around with her. I think we’ll probably have a give and take relationship. The occasional argument, feelings of failure and frustration, but overall I hope she’ll make me a better person. Or actually a better runner. Am I over analyzing?

Anyways, back to real people, last night’s basketball game was a sweaty one. We were 0-4 but Victor told us we were “100% effort.”

Shame on me for not doing my laundry over the weekend! Yes that is a Justin Nozuka t-shirt.

Sometimes I can’t get over how lucky I am to live in this city. I am at the doorstep of a million paths and trails and SUN. If you don’t mind a bit of humidity, DC is a great living spot! I’ll take a bit of frizzy hair for this view, every day.

Not to mention, you’ll enjoy occasional run-ins with ostriches!


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