passive agressive

I started out the day with a bit of zen at Meridian Yoga. To calm the mind and stretch out a number of muscles which were abused in yesterday’s bootcamp. The class was a little boring but okay.

I’ll be stopping by this yoga studio another 10 times before I move on to my next yoga Groupon deal! Thanks to Groupon and its imitators, I have a handfull of coupons to redeem at yoga studios around the city. Keeps the body and wallet in good form.

The other day I also snagged a deal for an 8-week session of Boot Camp. Plus, you get a “personal fitness assessment” at the beginning of the course. The last time someone “assessed” my fitness was my freshman year of high school when we had to do the President’s Fitness test. I think I scored here:


“Woo hoo! There’s room for improvement, but these students showed great heart. Students earn this award if they participate in all five activities, and one or more of their scores fall below the 50th percentile.”

Never a good sign when things start with “woo hoo.”

I’m ending the day with basketball. I plan to take out some SERIOUS AGGRESSION on these people. Maybe I’ll foul everyone! Woo hoo!

In other Monday news, I gotta bunch o’ happy nanas!

Unclear whether this face was intentionally carved by someone at the store or just a natural gift from God. Either way I am taking this as a sign that this might be the best week of my life.



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