paralyzed with pizza

How can we be with friends, be outside, eat something tasty, and move as little as possible? Anthony and I pondered last night. He has hurt his back (ouch!) so we’re keeping it low-key this weekend.

Luckily, the rooftop pulled through again, this time with good friends and good pizza. Quick, easy, delicious!

Anthony and I totally overestimated the amount of pizza seven people would consume. We ordered four large pizzas and everyone brought wine/beer. At the end of the night, we had 1.25 pizzas left. On the flip side, we were only left with a single can of Bud Light.


Anyways, expect to see lots more pizza on this blog for the next few days!

This morning started with a grocery trip (8 am! We love to beat everyone else to the store! I got the freshest produce AND no line at the checkout…suckers), followed by a total butt-kicking at Sunday Boot Camp. Marshall is a total drill sargeant and I might be paralyzed for the next few days. This condition should pair well with the pizza supply.

I did summon up enough energy to cook some stuff for the week and assemble a salad.

Round 3 on the roof coming tonight!



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