who’s counting?

This morning I met with my running club for our usual Saturday run. I ran somewhere between 13 and 14 miles, but who’s counting? I’m basking in pre-Garmin bliss.

As well as spring bliss. Look at those flowas.

The route looped around the train station and the capital, and then back to the Iwo Jima memorial. I jogged along with three club members I’ve yet to meet; they were wonderful jogging partners! Thanks ladies!

This is where all the fun REALLY happens in DC.

I do enjoy a run on the National mall, but have to admit that the tourist packs can be a bit frustrating for anyone trying to get anywhere efficiently. A few months ago, Anthony and I were discussing “being more positive,” and one thing I said I would work on is being nicer to dumb pedestrians. So, even when we hit a middle school band of 100+ members unloading their instruments, I tried to smile and be patient walking through the uniforms. Poor bandies.

Thus, a very positive and pretty experience it was!

Nothing tops off a long run like some orange G.



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