kettlebell fiesta

I did end up going on a run after work yesterday. I had way too much energy cooped up after sitting at a desk all day!

So, I noted this a while back, but I’ve picked up cross training a couple times a week, for a handful of reasons. One is that it’s a nice (well, usually nice) change from running: variety. Two is that I feel like it gives my legs a rest: “active recovery”. Three is that it builds/tones the rest of my body: “overall fitness”. Four is that Anthony belongs to the same gym so it’s fun. And five is that it MAKES ME A BETTER RUNNER for all of the reasons above!

By better, I mostly mean faster, but also mean less prone to injury. Keeping an all-around fitness level gives runners more strength and power to overcome the toughest parts of a race and strengthen fragile body parts while the legs recover. This article is a good list of reasons to cross train.

Thank you Corrie Anne for a workout! We did the 18 minute AMRAP which was tough, but a nicer quick Friday workout. Anthony snapped a sleuthy photo while I was on my last round…

Eggs gone south of the border! Thanks to leftover salsa etc. from the tacos I made last night.

Mother nature says, “Happy Friday, DC.”


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