By Thursday or Friday, my body is like, “NOOOO I can’t wake up.”

So today I didn’t.

Still, I have a few hours to enjoy my routine morning snack of animal crackers + coffee. Things just aren’t right when I don’t have them!

Look at all the broken limbs- poor guys! I am near the end of the box which means lots of amputees and lost bits.

The best way to spend hours on the internet (not counting reading other running blogs)? Looking up recipes. Here are some I want to make:

Salmon cakes (though, de-boning the fish seems weird to me)

Sundried tomatoes

Pad Thai 

Microwave Potato Chips (really? is this possible?)

Definitely want to test out the first two- the third, Anthony is a pro at already, and the fourth looks like a neat experiment. I usually get my recipes from, because it’s reliable and has a ton of recipes. You can search by ingredient, theme, meal, a million things! And see ratings by users. Also, the reviews are always hilarious. It’s usually women saying how they fed this dish to their husband and even HE liked it! See the real-life examples below.

“This is a wonderful recipe. I made it and my non-vegetarian family didn’t even realize that they weren’t eating meat.”

“My boyfriend was so excited when he found out what I was making, and even more excited when he found out the pizza had bacon on it.”

In other news, I have THIS coming up in less than 2 months:

Running in wine country? I’ll take it please!

Not sure if I’ll get any running or other movement in today. We’ll see where the wind takes me!



    • Haha. I know, it’s sad when I see a little giraffe leg hanging at the bottom of my bowl. The amputee parts are also extremely difficult to dip in coffee due to their small size.

  1. Live Lift Run

    I ran that race last year! Practice some hills!!!! Its a difficult course! But there is wine at mile 10! Its also one of the fundraising races for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, so you will see a lot of orange singlets & cheering teams at nearly every mile!

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