ghost cakes and garmins

Who wants to bake cakes at 7 am?! That’s what I was thinking this morning when I remembered I had volunteered to make a cake for a coworker’s birthday. Her birthday is today. Whoops.

I had planned to keep it simple with an angel food cake. In my opinion angel food is the ONLY cake that makes (and tastes) best straight from a box.

Unfortunately, the grocery gods had other things in store for me this morning. I popped in Harris Teeter to find absolutely NO ANGEL FOOD CAKES on the shelves. They did have three types of devil’s food cake, though. What does that say about the world and society?

I settled for the second-best boxed cake in the universe: Funfetti.

What a strange ghost-like appearance these morning photos have taken on! My camera is a little ill after a tumble down the rocky steps over the weekend. “Lens Error, Restarting,” it tells me. Wah. The lens error sure does make Pillsbury man look Casper-like and creepy!

The glowing ghost-like cake.

Went out for a nice 4 or so miles this morning!

In other news, the GPS has been ordered.

(photo by Garmin blog)

I don’t know how I feel about this big step in my running life. On one hand, I am like, “OH YES, now I don’t have to use gmap-pedometer anymore! OH YES, now I can keep track of my splits and see if I get faster or slower from mile 1 to mile 10! OH YES, now I can use technology instead of wheezing rate to measure speed during a track workout!” But on the other hand I am like, “OH NO, I’m going to become a psycho runner dominated by numbers and decimals! OH NO, I am going to turn into a running robot! OH NO, I am going to get really awful tan lines this summer!”

Hand #1 wins. I’ve promised myself not to become a GPS addict. I only need it this GPS a little bit…just a little…just a couple times won’t hurt…

Also. Is cake batter an acceptable breakfast?



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