steak and sugar

Sugar for the first time in 40 days!

We overloaded. Really.

We went to dinner at Del Friscos, where two of Anthony’s friends work. They treated us way too well and we ate just about everything on the menu.

My very handsome date!

Dinner started with plenty of appetizers (fried cheesesteak dumplings? well, ok!), wine, and fun cocktails. Followed by steak and chicken with some broccoli and the star of the evening: lobster mac and cheese. Holy moly.

THEN dessert as pictured above. It was a pretty serious meal. Serious and FUN! Thanks Anthony and Del Frisco’s staff! That was awesome.

After dinner we went to Philly Improv to laugh a little. It was funny, but I have to say I’ve seen better improv comedy before. Still, I give a ton of credit to anyone who can get on stage, especially without a script!

Anthony and I are really glad to be able to eat sugar again. This lent wasn’t as difficult as last year’s (when we gave up all alcohol), but still difficult. He bought a 1 lb bar of dark chocolate at Trader Joe’s the other week…I think we’ll finish it by tomorrow.



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