pho-n in philly

We made it!

A fun three-hour road trip took us from one city to the next.

Philly has treated us well so far. We got in, had a rest, and headed out for a night with two of Anthony’s friends who are born and raised Philadelphians. They took us to a number of bars where everyone knew everyone, and a number of drinks and sushi were on the house! Having a team of local experts has been super fun!

First we stopped in the King of Prussia mall. Anthony and I hit up the Fossil store pretty hard. No better way to start a weekend!

Dinner followed at Raw. We got a buttload of sushi and it was awesome. Plus a flight of sake which was not awesome but adventurous! After a few sips we decided we did not like sake and it was much better consumed in shot form.

After a short rest a Le Meridien, we’re out for day 2!

The day started with a quick run to Starbucks (unfortunately staying in the middle of the city means things like breakfast, parking, and internet are not included) followed by a crossfit-inspired workout in the little hotel gym. It was quick, but tough! Anthony and I each picked some random exercises to do in circuits. I made the mistake of choosing mountain climbers, he made the mistake of choosing chest lifts. WAH.

We left the hotel sweaty to go to our next event- a nature walk! No idea why, but we were both intrigued by the “Awaken the Senses” nature walk sponsored by the Schuylkill Center. We saw the listing and thought it would be a pretty weird but entertaining experience. We were pretty much correct.

This was our teacher. She chimed Tibetian meditation symbols for us and had us draw pictures of flowers. Then, we closed our eyes and passed birds’ nests, turtle shells, and pinecones around while talking about our favorite things in nature.

Anthony is practicing his sense of touch. His favorite thing about nature is outer space.

All meditation hoopla aside, the hike was pretty scenic.

After that, we dropped into a few more random shops (Italian bakery, woodworking studio, anyone?) and landed back in the city ready for some PHO.

This place was the bomb. Thank you Yelp!



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