running with friends

How lucky am I to have friends who like hanging out at 6 am?

We ran a breezy 4 miles, followed by coffee! (Actually we all got iced tea- too parched for anything hot!)

Tryst is one of the best cafes in DC I think. Though I have promised myself to never go there any time other than 6-8 am on weekdays, because it is super crowded. Note, however, that this morning we got the whole place to ourselves!

Anthony and I say that if (when?) we ever opened a cafe/bar, it would be similar to Tryst. Just no dingy couches 🙂

Speaking of my boyfriend, look at this awesome omelette he made (and the pretty flowers he got me, in the background!)! He is staying at my place this week because his house has no running water at the moment:(. It’s been really fun sharing a home with him.

Why the Philadelphia mug? Because we’re going there in 2 days!





  1. Leah

    Mary and Miriam are the best running partners ever. And the animal crackers at Tryst were such a wonderful addition to the loveliest morning I’ve had in a long time.

    But now I’m jealous I didn’t have an omlette waiting for me when I got back.

  2. Fun!! I don’t have any friends who’d be up for that at 6AM! Lol. I was too cold for iced coffee this morning. 😦 Lame Denver weather. But I’ll be running tonight!!!

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