shiny monday

look at that sun!Today was more of a cross train day- I did about 25 minutes of weights at the good old gym and then got bored so went out for about 3 miles. When I’m at the gym, I mostly just watch other people and eavesdrop on people’s conversations with their personal trainers. I just don’t get in the gym “zone” like some people do. Meh!

When I’m on a run, I’m also spying on people. Oops. Walking to work, walking their dogs, biking somewhere, stepping out for a morning cigarette/coffee, scuffling out their doors to grab the newspaper. Etcetera.  I like seeing the city wake up. And feeling the city wake up, too. Dew-y air, the smell of coffee and gasoline and nature all mixed into something that says, “I’m not perfect, but I’m trying.”

Tonight: BASKETBALL GAME! Let’s hope I don’t die.

Happy Monday!


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