5 at 5

Went out for a nice 5-ish mile run this afternoon!

Listened to John Mayer the whole time. Classic!

Rewind to a nice walk before we sent Meredith off. We trekked about 2-3 miles to Georgetown to take her to the best running store in DC, Georgetown Running Co.!

DC is so pretty right now!

Meredith was looking for new running shoes and ended up with a pair related (but not identical) to mine! Brooks seems to have finally caught wind of the latest trends in running shoe, and has come out with their “minimalist” line, the Pures. I have the Pure Connects- LOVE THEM!

Anthony and I chatted Newton running shoes and Garmin GPS while Meredith jogged/shopped around. We’re both interested (me, GPS, him, Newtons) but need to do some more research before dropping any $$$.

Meredith snagged a pair of the Pure Cadence. Go girl!

For lunch we popped in Lauriol Plaza, a good spot for a lazy Sunday meal. I think we go mostly for the free chips and salsa…

Muchas gracias amigos! Buenos noches.



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