university days

A run through my old city! A nice (yet somewhat chilled) 4 or so miles through Baltimore and around Hopkins brought back memories of my university days. Baltimore was my first marathon!

I had to pose by my old apartment building (known as St. Allston). Not surprisingly it had a vacancies sign. It was a pretty dingy but loveable place to live.

I used to run around Lake Montibello all the time! It’s a great Baltimore spot and always has a mix of people walking, running, and biking. I dearly remember eating Gus and a bite-size Larabar at this lake when I ran the Baltimore marathon in 2009. I think it was around mile 21 or so. That race is hilly!

After that, Meredith and I popped by the Waverly farmers market which is basically a spot of freshness in a street lined with fried chicken shops.

We bought a ton of greens for lunch!

And now, back to DC! A sleepy train ride and quick trip to the store before birthday celebration round 2!


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