Do I love the gym? No. Do I love yoga? No. But, I do them both to keep my body healthy and strong and flexible! Except the hips. I don’t think those ones are ever going to adopt a simple Indian-style sit :(.

So, this morning I did some of this (randomly generated crossfit workout) and this (female-specific weights program).

(Does this look more like a torture chair than a workout machine?)

I’ve only started cross training (e.g., doing any exercise other than running) in the past 10 months or so. I was always a bit afraid to take up weights or the gym because I thought it would both: 1)make me a slower runner and 2) make me butch. I was wrong!

Over the last summer, I cut down on running and picked up the gym for a change. When I ran the Southern Plunge Half Marathon in October, I was shocked to stumble into a PR! Looks like the XT does pay off. (Literally! I got some prize $$!!) 1:39:09.

But, physical benefits aside, the gym has also been good for my mental health. Breaking out of a routine and trying something new always makes you realize how much you still have to learn!

Oatmeal, anyone?


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